What Counts As Trauma ??

We are on Earth to feel good. To be our best selves. To understand, with clarity and ease, how abundant and full this life is. So what happens? Why can’t we do this? The short answer is…trauma. Various forms of trauma enter into our lives and they block us and we shut down because our pain body gets activated.

When this happens and we enter a low-vibrational moment of life, our egos are quick to judge ourselves and then we can shut down even further. However, the good news is with this, that we always have the power to move past thing once we move into allowing. Before we can get to allowing, we need to understand the ways in which we are blocking ourselves but not accepting whatever we are feeling is trauma.

So…what counts as trauma? When am I over-reacting and when am I right? At which situations do I feel valid and which ones I don’t? How can I move through this with ease and grace? Watch today’s video for some insights and clarity. 🙂 Sending you all the love and abundance in the world. I hope this serves you.




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