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“Just wanted to say thank you again so much for holding space today for the call! I felt a big shift during it, and have since. Lots of good resolve and movement. Thank you for sharing your gift in such a generous way!”

—Kimba, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Women’s New Moon Call participant)

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“I have felt such a cosmic shift in my thought process since Erin’s work came into my life. Five months ago I was pretty unwell and anxious, constantly telling myself I couldn’t do anything or go anywhere. Erin has such a way of using her works as a gentle reminder that I am enough and can do whatever I set out to achieve. I’m feeling much freer and happier, and I attribute much of that positivity to Erin. Thank you for being who you are, Erin and allowing me to find the strength to do the same.” 

—Nina B., Independence, OH, USA (attended half-day workshop and read all three of Erin’s books)

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“Erin sees me. Erin sees me for who I truly am because she also sees herself for who she truly is. She cuts to the center of me with such precision and confidence that I let her in because she’s also been to all of these places and knows them well. I hear her voice and no longer want to hide from myself or deny my own dreams. To me, Erin represents accountability, trust, intellect, intuition, experience and a steady pulse of love that encompasses her work. Erin hears me. She listens to me with compassion and honors my voice. I am learning a new language with Erin. This language helps me to make sense of my process and gives me a new vocabulary to use moving forward. Life has taken her to all of the places that she needed to go to be able to relate with and give rise to the healing of others. In the short period of time I have been working with Erin, I have begun to see, value, and appreciate myself like never before. The work is not easy, but it is worth it. I am so thankful I have given myself this opportunity and that together we are strengthening each others’ paths and purpose.”

—Lindsay N., Columbus, OH, USA (private sessions)

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“It’s challenging to put MAGIC into words, but Erin’s knowledge and experience was so refreshing and inspiring reminding me that my creativity, my self expression, and my youthful vitality still exist! She has a way of cutting through limitations in thinking patterns, speaking patterns and belief systems that can immediately turn things into a healthier and more life-giving way of being. She does this from a place of love and taking a stand for you and each person’s potential to live life past being stuck, fearful, and even physically unwell. Her coaching has helped me see possibility and even have courage to do things differently in my life. I am so thankful I met Erin and was blessed to be a recipient of her coaching.”

—Jami Lynn M., St. Augustine, FL, USA (private sessions)

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“Thank YOU!! The call was such a great exercise/experience for me – and I’m glad we had the opportunity to connect. My energy was way different after we finished up; I felt it for most of the rest of the day. I really appreciate what you do…and hope you’ll let me join in on future calls :)”
–Kristen C., Tucson, AZ, USA (New Moon phone call participant)


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“Thanks so much for coming!  The experience was so valuable!  It’s funny how your highs in life make you reflect on the difficult times, and I feel like your guidance helped me process it all.”

—Bree G., Indianapolis, IN, USA (trauma writing workshop participant)

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“I chose to attend the Day Intensive because I know that no matter where I am on my path, there is always more to learn. I do not usually get the privilege of having multiple hours of structured activity/dialogue/ and feedback from a coach and/or peers who are investigating the same topics within themselves or working to harness their own personal power and find their path to fulfillment like this workshop does. It is truly a unique experience and setting to let oneself engage with themselves and others, and, of course, leads to real breakthroughs and brings one closer to themselves. In addition, I have been dealing with personal shifts that I felt could use a little structure and focused intentional work to sort out and this workshop was the perfect place to take that opportunity to learn.

After the Day intensive I was able to see more clearly which aspects of my life bring me closer to my best, highest, truest self and how to follow that to ensure my path leads to my own unique expression of success. I learned that each individual is dynamic and has their own skills and interests to tap into to pursue their personal path to health, happiness and power over themselves. I am now more attuned to how to identify these aspects of my own life, and therefore I feel more tapped into my own power. This workshop also in many ways stresses methods of allowing the individual to tap into the most positive ways of viewing themselves, to then truly feel positively about themselves. Erin stresses that every woman should allow themselves to see and honor and worship their version of their goddess-self in order to come closer to that version of themselves and it works!

Attending this workshop had immediate benefits on my interpersonal dynamics with people. By mapping out which behaviors and emotions are old and weigh me down and no longer serve me I was able to recognize them more readily and choose a more positive expression of myself that moves me forward instead of keeping me stagnant. After this workshop I felt like I had taken a step forward in my relationships and redefined them as they serve me. However, this in turn benefits all who i come into contact with because I am moving closer to understanding and sharing my truest and most loving self.”

—Tess P., Columbus, OH, USA (attended day-intensive workshop)

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“Through the Day Intensive, I was able to tap into my inner goddess self and recognize how energizing, flowing, and fulfilling being that woman is! I have also learned how powerful being surrounded by feminine energy can be!

The Day Intensive was an incredibly powerful and changing experience.  I was surrounded by supportive and flowing feminine energy.  Erin made sure the retreat was personally tailored to each of us and our personal story.”

—Michelle M., Cleveland, OH, USA (attended day-intensive workshop)

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