New Moon in Virgo September 2017

Happy New Moon in Virgo, everyone!! Today we welcome the beautiful meticulous and healing energy of Virgo into our fields. This energy pairs nicely as we transition into a new season (either fall or spring, depending which hemisphere you’re in) and after the full solar eclipse we had last month. All of this is working together nicely and in your favor. 🙂

Virgo is an Earth sign who strives for perfection and finds great joy in the day-to-day tasks of taking care of things. If you ever need to accomplish something and need to focus on the details of it, Virgo energy is the energy to call in and harness. Virgo likes to do the job and do it well; they like details and specifics. Their tuning to systems and the parts that make up those systems is how they channel The Other Side most clearly.

Although this may seem contradictory at first, because of the strong desire to take care of things on basic level, this is what allows Virgo to be such a strong healing sign. Most of us, thanks to our egos, believe change happens only on the large scale and with huge events. This is true to some degree, but what our egos can fail to have us recognize is that what allows these BIG events to take place is the continuous repetition of the small events; a big event is just one final small event that led to something new. This is the magic that Virgo energy can grant us.

The total solar eclipse that took place in North America last month was and is a giant catalyst for change and starting new. It functioned in many ways like a New Moon–allowing a strong and fast burning away of the old and lots of space for the new. Utilize today’s New Moon in all this free space to your advantage!

Reflective questions for today:

  1. Virgo is an Earth sign that operates best connected to Earth and being grounded. While this will, of course, look different for everyone, it is important to know what ways and how you can access this Earth grounded energy. How do you ground yourself?
  2. A sense of duty, healing, and service is vital to the thriving of Virgo energy, and all healers know you can only offer that externally which you have mastered internally. Because of the all the ways we can buy into the current state of disaster and destruction of the Earth, it can be easy to focus our energy outward instead of internally. In what ways do you need to focus more internally? In what areas do you need to adjust the mirror to so you focus more inside of yourself?
  3. Because we have had so much burn away after the eclipse, we now have space to rebuild and lay new groundwork. With this new sacred space, what do you want to reinvest in and reinvent about yourself?
  4. Virgo tends to have an avoidance of indulging if they are took focused on work and service. What are some ways you want to indulge yourself this month?

Blessings to you all!! xx


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