New Moon in Scorpio October 2016


Happy last day of October 2016 (two months left in the year!) and Happy New Moon in Scorpio! This is a very beautiful and bountiful time as we can see visible changes in the seasons around us, as transition from fall to winter or spring to summer, depending which hemisphere you live in. What a beautiful gift in terms of trusting the cycles to always bring us back to what is familiar, even if it has to “leave” for a bit.

In terms of astrological energy, Scorpio is one of the most intense signs. It is typically associated with the energies of control and dominance, of intensity and no bullshit. We may have been taught to be scared of these words, but there is no need. Scorpio embodies these words and also holds the space of incredible sexiness and incredible divine femininity. Even though these energeries can seem opposing, they all fold into each other and work beautifully to give us lovely clarity and pure access to higher self wisdom.

If you are going through an intense time with this moon, trust that you are releasing that which no longer serves you in order to make room for that which will serve and that which you have asked for. Initial hardship does not mean permanent hardship.

Today’s reflective questions:

  1. We know Scorpio energy is associated with control. What do you feel controlled by in your life? In what ways?
  2. Now that you have identified what you feel controlled by, you can use powerful Scorpio energy to transmute this powerless feeling. How can you transform what you wrote for number one into a more loving and balanced relationship? If you are too blocked to answer this question, try this one: What is the ideal relationship with that you feel is controlling you right now? Of course, you are welcome to answer both. 🙂
  3. The sexy/sexual/divine feminine energy of Scorpio cannot be denied and this provides us an amazing opportunity to get clear about our own definitions and blocks in this area for ourselves. What does sexy mean to you? How can you be more sexy in your own life? Please note this can but definitely does not have to do anything with sex. 😉
  4. A large part of being sexy is being confident and owning your energy and not apologizing for it. For this question: what do you want? Own it. Know you will get it. PS: What you truly desire is usually one step past what you are comfortable asking for 😉 Once you list what you want, rewrite your wants into present tense affirmations so that you can activate the energy of having, not wanting. For example: “I want perfect health,” can become, “I am perfectly healthy, whole, and sound.”

Blessings to you! Wishing you release and clarity, you sexy beings. Happy New Moon!!

All my love xx


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