New Moon in Scorpio November 2017

We are coming to the end of 2017, and this has truly been a year of releasing, purging, and transmuting many, many limiting beliefs about the self and others that we needed to. With today being the second last New Moon of the year, it is time we look at what else we want to plant anew with the new energy of this new moon phase.

Today’s New Moon in is Scorpio and Scorpio is carrying the energy of savagery. Now, Scorpio is a water sign, so the savagery isn’t too crazy 😉 but there are definitely themes of what do you need to let go of or release finally and truly? Many of us have come to our wits’ end in terms of passively putting up with shit that is not for us — either coming from ourselves or something outside of us. Today is the day to honor being sick of that shit and doing and being different! This New Moon (as New Moons are in general) is great for calling in and cultivating new energy.

For today’s reflective questions:

  1. Knowing we have some savage AF energy coming to us from when Scorpio has HAD it, where do you need to turn up the savagery in your life? Aka where do you need to set clearer boundaries for yourself? Either physical boundaries, emotional ones, or even around thoughts you think.
  2. We know our ego is very tricky, and sometimes it can trick us to focus on something we don’t actually need to be focusing on. Often times, this is under the illusion of some type of control we don’t actually have. Holding this thought, in what areas of your life do you need to reclaim your personal power within yourself by letting go of control over something your ego has convinced you you have control over but you actually don’t? Where do you need to mind your business more?
  3. Revisit your answers for numbers one and two. In order to have these boundaries in place, there needs to be a removal of bittness and resentment. So, to fulfill the answers for numbers one and two, who or what do you need to forgive? This can include yourself, others, thoughts, limiting beliefs, etc. And remember: forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning or not honoring your boundaries. It means clearing out shit that is not yours from you energy field so that you may be free!
  4. Finally, because this is the New Moon, we have access to powerful energy in terms of planting new seeds and creating a powerful vision for ourselves. Take a moment to breath deeply and imagine you as your best, most true self. Really see it and hold that energy for yourself. After you have this picture in your mind, describe it clear and intentionally in the present tense through a free write as if it already is. And so it shall be. 🙂

Happy New Moon blessings to you and yours!



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