New Moon in Sagittarius Nov 2016

new moon sag pic

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius, my beauty babies!! We are just getting out of some pretty intense Scorpio energy, so this New Moon is coming at the right time if you are sick of your own shit and are ready to dead that old patterns and choose the new!

Last month we were deep in the energy of Scorpio. Scorpio is beautiful, beautiful energy that we need and is absolutely necessary to go deep within ourselves. Once we go to these new depths, it can be very tempting to get discouraged or stop doing the work or to give up on life or ourselves. However, the places Scorpio took us were all worth it, since we know if we want to call in abundance we must deal with the (temporary) pain of lack leaving. Everything is temporary. Everything is fluid.

Luckily for us, the Universe loves us so much and has gifted us lovely Sagittarius energy for us to tap into and use to our advantage with this New Moon. Sagittarius is a firey fire sign typically associated adventure, exploring, risk-taking, and just doing it. This is the New Moon to not hold yourself back. This is the New Moon to be renewed and energized after the insane deaths and depths of Scorpio. Don’t hold yourself back after what has been shown to you to be released. 🙂

Reflective questions:

  1. Scorpio last month gave us a lot of clarity and a lot of feelings to feel and move through. However, Sagittarius energy now gives us the chance to move away from victim mindset and back into self-empowerment. Where do you need to kick your own ass? Where do you need to take responsibility for yourself and get the eff over yourself? In the most loving way possible, of course.
  2. If you are able to kick your own ass as mentioned in number one, what types of adventure energy will you be able to allow into your life? What adventures can you go on in physical realm, and what adventure energy can you tap into in spirit realm?
  3. Going a little further with question two, if your dream life/partner/job/anything showed up today, who would you need to be to feel like you are a vibrational match to accept it? To feel like you are worthy? What would you need to do? Be? Say? Etc?
  4. Understanding that there is a very clear and important link between your boundaries and your success and freedom, what boundaries do you need to re-visit in your own energy? Reexamine? Reinstate? Reclaim? You are worthy of putting yourself first and protecting your own energy in this way.

Happy New Moon, my loves! Go forth and prosper!!



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