New Moon In Sagittarius December 2017

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius — aka the last New Moon of 2017!! It has been a long, intense year of shifting and moving, and I want to thank you for being with me throughout it. This has been a year of shifting and shedding and becoming more and more aligned with our true selves. The New Moon in Sagittarius is a great chance to use some of that fire energy to burn away the final things that do not serve us as we get ready to transition to 2018!

As you know, of course the New Moon is in Sagittarius today. That being said, there are a total of five planets in Sagittarius as well, which really allows us to focus on and channel the archer, adventure, fire sign that is Sagittarius. Additionally, we are in a Mercury Retrograde, the Solstice is coming up, and it is the end of year! A lot to deal with astrologically (but when is there not ;)…) but all working in our favor, of course.

For today’s reflective questions:

  1. This is the last New Moon of 2017. Thinking about each month of the year leading up today and beginning to reflect on all that you have experienced this year, what is a loud lesson for you? What do you feel like The Universe really wanted you to know this year?
  2. Sagittarius is the archer. To shoot that bow with precision and accuracy, you need to know where you are aiming and be intentional and have a plan. In regards to your own life, where is your aim? Where are you pointing your bow? What direction do you want to shoot it in?
  3. The energy of Sagittarius also encourages us to be more adventurous. Sag energy loves to go out and try something new just to try it. 🙂 That being said, where do you feel like you can add more adventure to your life? This, of course, can be in physical reality, but you can also give yourself permission to do this energetically. How do you plan to spice up your life?
  4. As all fire signs, Sagittarius is a sign that likes to do it’s own thing. Fire sign energy just does not like being told what to do. Channeling this energy, in what area in your life do you need to listen/receive guidance from yourself where you’ve been looking from others? Where do you need to shut off the outside noise and hear YOU?

Wishing you all a peaceful and clear end to your 2017! Sending you all lots of love, and I look forward to connecting in 2018!



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