New Moon in Capricorn January 2018

Happy New Moon in Capricorn!! This is the first New Moon of 2018 and with it being in the Earth sign of Capricorn, we still can tap into that “be motivated, New Year New Me” shit. 🙂

Capricorn is the Earth sign. The goat. And the GOAT. If you need to get something done and you want it to be slow and steady climb to the top of that mountain, Capricorn is the energy to call in. Additionally, many planets just went direct, so we are feeling a lot of clarity in our lives. Illusions have fallen away, and it is time now to honor what we hear and know our truth.

If you still have not set New Year intentions, this Capricorn New Moon is a powerful to do that, as you can tap into the cyclical energy of the Earth resetting itself just the same. Here are today’s reflective questions in addition:

  1. Take a moment to take a few deep breaths and connect to the Earth. Imagine the warm glow flowing up into your body and providing strength and the rest and reset into your body that you need. Now, think about some energy from 2017 you are bringing into 2018 that you don’t need anymore. What energy can you erase from your body by utilizing the Earth’s resetting that is also you to do this?
  2. If there is any zodiac sign that can make a plan to get something done, it is Capricorn energy. What is one goal you want to accomplish in 2018? Write three tangible and quantifiable steps you will take to achieve it (for example: write “I will go to yoga once a week,” instead of, “I will go to yoga more). Also answer the following questions: a) What is one thing I will say yes to in order to achieve my goal? b) What is one thing I will say no to in order to achieve my goal?
  3. If not in a state of balance, each zodiac sign can have a shadow side to it. With Capricorn, this energy can sometimes manifest as being “too serious”. Sometimes the ego can trick us into thinking goal setting and putting boundaries on our lives will make us too boring when actually it gives us space to have the freedom to create the life we want. Amidst your goal planning and boundary setting, what will you do in conjunction with this to make sure your life is still light and fun?
  4. When the New Year comes, most of us can’t believe another year has already passed. Take a moment to envision yourself at your New Year’s celebration for 2019. What do you want to be able to say to yourself one year from now? After you identify this, write these statements into present tense affirmations and use them to guide you through this year. For example, if you want to be able to say: “I am so proud of you for trusting your heart and taking that new job,” your affirmations might be something like, “I trust my heart. I say yes to new opportunities.”

Wishing you lots of love and clarity on this New Moon! All my blessings.



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