New Moon in Capricorn December 2016

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Hello, beautiful babies of the world! As we enter the last few days of the year 2016, we were blessed with one last New Moon. What a gift! Today’s New Moon is in Capricorn and occurs while Mercury is Retrograde in this same Earth sign.

Capricorn is the Earth sign goat/GOAT that is the one that climbs to the top of the mountain. The one that gets it done. The one that you can count on for persistence. With Mercury Retrograde and the New Moon in this sign, we are getting a double energy access of this beautiful focused Capricorn energy.

One way we may have been tricked into not using all of this energy to our highest potential is because Mercury is Retrograde. This astrological occurrence gets a bad rep, but it’s just different. Far too often with Mercury Retrograde, we project unnecessary fear and loss of control onto our lives when we don’t need to be. Yes, communication is a little messed up. Yes, people from the past may show up. Yes, there may be a few (a lot of) technological errors. But none of this makes you powerless! In fact, it is just there to shake up our routine and show us where we are holding old stories that don’t serve us anymore.¬†And if there is any sign that can show up slow and steady and with the persistence to get through something, it is beautiful Capricorn energy.

So what to do with this New Moon, Mercury Retrograde, and the final days of the 9-year of closings 2016? Channel some Capricorn energy focusing on refreshed solitude, drawing awareness to yourself, and channeling that climb to the top of the mountain like the goat I know I am Capricorn gold. Reflective questions for you:

  1. With it currently being Mercury Retrograde and a lot of energy blaming 2016 for being “the worst”, many of us are absorbing energy that is soaked in giving away our own power and projecting fear onto our own lives. Even if you are not actively saying these things, I’m sure you have seen them on social media or heard it come from mouths around you. Understanding the abundance of this energy floating around, what fear stories are alive in your vibration right now? What false ego beliefs are you feeding into right now? #noshame #justawareness
  2. Looking at what you wrote for number one, re-write these fear stories into affirmations. Because we live on dense planet Earth, we will never not have ego thoughts, but forgiving them and replacing them with thoughts of abundance is always possible. For example, if you wrote for number one: “I’m not smart enough to work for myself,” you can re-write this as, “I am happily employed by myself and navigate all aspects of it with dedication and ease.” Remember to write your affirmations in present tense and with no negatives.
  3. Capricorn is an Earth sign. Capricorn is also a goat. This precious goat is the one who climbs that impossible mountain using tools that ground that goat to the Earth and typically in solitude. And you better believe that goat always gets there! With this imagery of Capricorn in your mind, what do you need to do/add to your life to reconnect to this type of energy? How does your precious solitude time need to look for you to be grounded enough in Earth to climb your mountain with your cute little goat feet?
  4. Capricorns have stamina. Not sprinter stamina, but marathon stamina. As we enter into the New Year, what do you want to see through in 2017? What do you want to manifest? Feelings, experiences, people, opportunities, ways of being. Let it all out, babbbbyyyyy!!! Keep this list close to you so you can reference it as you write goals and plans for 2017 and keep you focused. Everything is possible!

Have a blessed New Moon, end of the year, and Mercury Retrograde, and see you all in 2017!!!



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