New Moon in Aries March 2017

new moon aries pic

Hello, beautiful babies of life!

How are you doing? Alive? Well? Insane? Starting completely over? Unsure of reality? All of the above? Welcome to the Equinox, Venus Retrograde, and New Moon in Aries !!!

An equinox is always powerful energy because we are in the process of shifting out of one reality for the past few months into another. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we are in Spring. Renewal. Rebirth. Re-everything. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, we in Fall Shedding. Coming down off a high of life. Off the pulsating aliveness of summer. Both are okay. Both are allowed. This shifting of the seasons is natural.

Next up: Venus Retrograde. Venus is the planet that rules love and emotions. And when I say love I mean all love — not just romantic. Remember that romantic/platonic/friend/family/etc love is all the same; the ego just wants to assign value and rankings unnecessarily, like usual 😉 When a planet goes retrograde, the planet appears to be moving backward (that’s an illusion, it’s simply #science) and thus the area over which this planet rules can feel out of whack or backwards or even old and oddly hecticly familiar. With Venus Retrograde, we have the energy of old shit coming up for us, especially in regards to our patterns of love and being loved with ourselves and others.

Finally, New Moon in Aries. The New Moon is always time to start anew and remember that we constantly live in a cycle of change and growth — no matter how much the ego wishes otherwise. 😉 Aries is a fire sign, which guarantees intense energy right away. Of the fire signs, Aries is the most savage, the hottest and quickest temper, and the one who loves to shake things up the most. All of this combined with the new energy we are feeling adds a LOT of shit for us to be shifting through.

For this month’s reflective questions:

  1. With Venus Retrograde, let’s look at what’s being activated here. What’s coming up for you in regards to love? Not just romantic love. And not just with others, but also stories, patterns, habits, etc.
  2. Fire signs tend to like instability as they believe it is connected to adventure. With the New Moon in Aries, some of this wild out energy maybe be getting activated. This is good! But like all things, in moderation, as too much can become self-sabotage. Where are you possibly self-sabotaging yourself by letting go on control *too* much?
  3. Equinox and Aries want new and fresh energy. They love it. With this energy surrounding us, what can you do that is new and fresh to use this energy? A thought pattern? An action? A habit? Something you keep putting off?
  4. Looking at what you wrote for number 3, take this one step further. What goal can you set for yourself (yes, right now), that is based off what you wrote previously? Don’t get too crazy, just open up the energy for yourself to begin what Aries will help you start.

Have a blessed day, everyone! Sending you lots of love and fire. Talk to you soon!!


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