New Moon in Aries: April 2018

Happy New Moon in Aries!! Our fourth new moon of the year, this new moon allows us to activate the firey energy of Aries. Aries energy is about knowing what you feel, being honest about what you feel, and then acting a way that honors this knowing. Clean fire sign energy in general are known to be clear and in touch with themselves. This new moon gives us the chance to access this energy and channel it into the area of our lives we feel needs it the most.

Along with this beautiful new moon, we are all basking in the energy of Mercury turning direct again. 🙂  Mercury retrograde has gained increasing popularity over the past few years, and while I believe very much in using where the stars are to illuminate patterns in our lives, we must be very careful to not use them as an excuse to project fear onto our lives. We always contain way more power than we think, and step one in this is getting clear in the ways we have been hiding behind things outside of us to dictate our energy.

That being said, of course you should celebrate Mercury going direct if you feel a shift in your energy! You should also use this new moon in Aries to set your intentions around the new you want to call into and create in your life, especially harnessing the energy of Aries.

For reflective questions:

  1. Mercury retrograde can trigger a lot for a lot of us because it is another layer deep in healing something our ego wants to tell us we have “already healed”. However, the amazing thing about us is that we are all infinite, which means there is always another layer to heal, transmute, and release. For this mercury retrograde, which lesson came up for you the loudest? (Hint: if your ego is judging you for going through it, that’s probably the one!)
  2. Clear, clean Aries energy is along the lines of, “I don’t give a fuck! Here’s my truth! Deal with it!” Looking at what you wrote for number one, how would an Aries respond to this lesson that’s coming up for you? If you are an Aries, you most likely exist in your pain body around your lesson, so instead access clear Aries energy for your answer for this one.
  3. Surprise, bitch! Number 2 was a trick 😉 It was helpful for you to think of the solution outside of your pain body, but the guidance that came through for you came from YOU! You were most likely blocked because you believe you can’t respond in the way you wrote for number 2 because you’re subconsciously afraid of being called a name for it (crazy, too much, cry baby, psycho, bitch, etc.). Step one is identifying all the words that came up and writing them down, looking at them, and reminding yourself you don’t need to make them real anymore. Step two is this question: what would the energy you channeled for question two say to affirm you through the lesson in number one?
  4. Finally, in order to move into a new energy pattern, we must be willing to let go of our current attachments. What do you need to let go of to go there? This could be limiting beliefs, patterns, ideas, people, places, things, etc. You must commit energetically before you can commit physically!

Blessings and peace in your heart and empowerment this new moon. All my love to you.




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