Full Moon in Pisces September 2016

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Happy Full Moon in Pisces and happy Lunar Eclipse!! The watery, emotional energy of Pisces is in full effect, and as we are in eclipse season, any astrological energy is intensified. No worries though–no astrological anything is stronger than what you decide about yourself and your life; astrology is insights and awareness, not definite truths.

Today’s full moon is also known as the Harvest Moon, as it is the full moon that takes place closest to the Equinox, which occurs on September 22. The Equinox is associated with seasons changing in the physical realm and on Earth, the end of one season and transition into another. Since us beautiful humans are also part of Earth, our own bodies are also preparing for the seasonal change and cycle within us and our own energies.

Pisces energy is very, very emotional. Not just in a “negative” way–they are very tuned in to the other realms and least attached to what is happening in physical reality. They are the dreamers of the zodiac–not in a, “What are your dreams?” way, but more of a, “I can see other realms and this is how and what it feels like,” way. Combine this with the third and final of the three eclipses we have been having and we are in for some major insights. Today we have a lunar eclipse, typically associated with endings. The ending that is brought about with this eclipse paves way for the new energy pulled into our awareness by Pisces moon to enter and be held by us. Since the Universe is always looking out for us, the Virgo sun energy we are in still allows us to be grounded enough to take action and make this new vision part of our reality.

All of that sounds so lovely, doesn’t it?! What a beautiful combination. 🙂 Here are today’s reflective questions:

  1. Pisces energy is constantly in emotional dream land. Not in a negative way, but in a higher realms, truth, dreamy way. What is new to you into your energy field? What is the awareness or theme Pisces has brought to your attention and is now being held in the new moonlight with new eyes, clean energy?
  2. With this new awareness being brought to the light, we can sometimes feel an immediate rush to do something (or a freezing because we are so overwhelmed by the rush). However, as you can see above, today I need to remind you: “We have so much time. We have every lifetime.” There is no need to rush. You are going at the exact perfect pace you need to. With this, what feels like now or never for you? Why?
  3. As a perfect balance to Pisces energy, we are still in Virgo sun, which is to go-getter, baby! Looking at what you wrote for number 3, what are the action steps you need to take? By the way, this could or could not have anything to do with your new awareness. Sometimes when we focus on cleaning up our energy in another area of our life, the clarity moves over to the other areas.
  4. As mentioned in the beginning of my blog post, today is the third and final of the three eclipses we have gone through. Holding holy number 3, we have three months left in 2016 after September closes out. Where were you in three months of this year (March, June, September)? What has happened since? Where has your biggest growth been? How do you want to continue or alter this path for the last 3 months? Remember: you can do or be whatever you want!

Happy Full Moon, everyone! I love you dearly! Remember, you can always email me at contactEEW@gmail.com to set up a private session where we go through these questions together or for private coaching in general. Go out there in that moon today if you can!

Peace and blessings,



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