Full Moon in Capricorn July 2017

Happy Full Moon, you beautiful babies! Here we are mid-summer and this full moon is really bringing up that shit we may be did NOT want to deal with while we are chilling this summer. But, that’s life and that’s astrology for you; all here to assist in our growth. 🙂

Yesterday, we had the 7/7 portal (7th day of the 7th month) right before the peak of this full moon energy. The 7/7 portal occurs before the 8/8 Lions portal, but is still about spirituality opening and taking us to our highest places. Perhaps you may feel a stronger calling to a force outside of you. Perhaps you might have opened it up already and now feel blocked because the energy was too intense. Either way, the double 7’s are working in your favor to connect you to that Higher Power that wants to guide you. You just have to surrender understanding it and simply let it in.

Astrologically, we have the sun in Cancer and the full moon in opposition Capricorn. Cancer is lovingly nick-named the “cry-baby” sign for being overly emotional while Capricorn (not so lovingly) has the reputation of being cold with minimal feelings. These opposing energies are pulling us in different directions and may have us feeling lost or confused as to who we are or what we want. However, these feelings are the same coin — just different sides. This full moon is about looking at the seemingly opposing ways the Universe is delivering our messages to us and seeing if we can understand how they are both holding our truth together, just in different ways.

Reflective questions for this full moon:

  1. In what ways are you in your feelings, thanks to that good Cancer sun energy? In what ways do you feel like your inner child is really going hard with the temper tantrum? With the “this isn’t fair” thoughts? Try not to judge yourself through this; Cancer wants us to feel. Simply observe and see where your energy is.
  2. In what ways are you trying to push yourself to be more “practical”, thanks to that good Capricorn Full Moon energy? Capricorn values the self through work a lot — especially as a means of reminding itself it has control. Where do you see yourself getting pushed to do something for work (in whatever form that is)? Where do you feel like you’re being pushed to grow or move up?
  3. For this question, take a moment to re-read what you have written so far for questions 1 and 2. Go through and answer the following questions about those two: Where did these feelings/desires come from? Whose are they? Is this who I am/what I want or is it what others have told me to be? Where did I learn this? Am I choosing this or is this left-over pain story from someone who is not me? The Full Moon is huge time for releasing, so even though something is loud right now, it might not be for you. It’s simply loud because it’s leaving. Get clear on that so you can focus your energy where you actually need and want to.
  4. As stated in the text of this blog, the Cancer/Capricorn energies are working together to expose your Truth to you — even if your ego is in hyperdrive and can’t see it. Look at your previous answers so far again; where is there overlap? Where are themes the same? If you’re having blocks with this prompt, breath deeply for one minute and then respond to this prompt, “My Truth is speaking to me, and I am willing to listen. The ways I can clearly see my Truth manifesting through what I wrote is….”

Blessings to you all!! Remember to smile and not take all this shit so seriously. 🙂

Until next time,



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