Full Moon Cancer January 2017

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Happy New Year, happy full moon in cancer, and happy life! We welcomed 2017 a few weeks ago and I pray you have already begun to feel the relief of entering a 10 year (2+0+1+7=10) and ending a very powerful, intense, 9 year (2+0+1+6=9). 10 is the balance of masculine and feminine a chance for us to create the reality we wish to have as our own. Of course, this is only possible after we have done the work of releasing and purging (sometimes painfully) all the old, limiting beliefs of 2016. Rest assured, none of it was in vain as we are on the other side. We are taken care of.

This first full moon of 2017 takes place in the cry baby sign of Cancer. Of course, I say cry baby with all the love and respect in the world. Cancer gives us the space to tap into our emotions and those around us and hold them in a way so that we can move through them. It is a reactionary, desperate feeling; it is one of acceptance that the full range of emotions is part of the human experience and to pretend otherwise is to create a painful disconnect in the self.

As we have entered the 10 year and while the full moon is already associated with releasing, Cancer is the perfect sign for this full moon to allow us to move through some of these leftover purged emotions from a tumultuous 9 year. The worst is over. There is no un-healing.

Here are reflective questions:

  1. As we celebrate a New Year and as you have either intentionally created new energy you want to bring into your life for the New Year, we must honor all that was released in 2016. Make a list of all that you purged in 2016. Physical or non-physical. Go month by month. Honor it all.
  2. With Cancer being one of the most emotionally tuned-in and emotional in general signs, this full moon is a wonderful gift in FEELING whatever you released in 2016. Reading through your list that you wrote for number 1, make a new list of all the feelings that each of these things brought up for you. What emotions/places were you able to further access following that which you purged in number 1?
  3. Even if you are not someone who sets resolutions for the New Year, energetically, change is in the air. Amidst, what can you feel is shifting for you, even if it is rather involuntarily? How is the change showing up in your life?
  4. While the moon is in Cancer, the sun is in Capricorn — which means these two opposing sides may be contributing to the feelings of duality or a push-and-pull energy. This is necessary, but the strength of your foundation or home (which is associated with Cancer), can help to ground you through this. How can you show up for yourself and your home (energetic or physical)? What do you need to do for yourself to feel that your energy is grounded in stability through this back and forth? What can you commit to?

Blessings to you and yours as we begin 2017! All my love as usual.



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