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Erin Elizabeth Wehrenberg offers one-on-one coaching as a way to work with her in an accelerated, guaranteed results option. She got her start on a path toward self-love after hitting rock bottom in all areas of her life–her health, her personal relationships, her career, and most importantly, her relationship with herself.

With a passion to never give up, Erin had a desire to pull herself out of the darkness and turn her entire life around and step into full and unconditional self-love. This work has become so important to her, she now offers one-on-one coaching as a way to encourage and teach others how to do this.

Her coaching is designed for the person who wants to move emotional blocks and toxic lies that are keeping them stuck in various areas of life. It’s for someone who can’t afford to waste any more time being blocked or feeling disconnected.

Coaching sessions are one-hour and conducted on Skype. There is no minimum number of sessions you need to book, but if you are interested in buying a package, this can be arranged. During your one-hour coaching call, you will receive individual guidance based on the specific blocks in your life you want to transmute. After every call, you will receive a follow-up email with guidance and exercises of what you want do to continue the work that was activated on the call — even if you do not book another session with Erin.

All material and information is individualized and customized to fit your specific needs. You will not be shoved into a “one-size fits all” coaching program, and your plan will be tailored to you but will not lose any of the quality.

This coaching is available to anyone with an internet connection; thankfully technology allows us to connect with those in all corners of the world, and as long as you have a Skype account, you can work with Erin.

If one-on-one coaching is resonating with you in order to become your best self, feel free to email questions or to sign-up at You deserve to love yourself! <3

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