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With an undeniable calling to empowerment, self-love, and social justice, Erin Elizabeth Wehrenberg  weaves these themes throughout all areas of her life as she exists for promoting positive transformation. She currently does this through writing, creating art, facilitation, and teaching, having a strong effect on all those she crosses paths with. Her style in all of these areas is frank and poignant, often giving those around her language to discuss topics they didn’t even know they needed.

From a young age, Erin knew she wanted to be an educator. This vision started as working as a K-12 classroom teacher, which led her to get her bachelor’s degree in middle school teaching, with a state license in math, language arts, reading, and English as a second language. However, once she started working, she found herself enjoying the time spent with her students between classes or before or after school in which she could talk with them candidly about their worries more so than teaching content.

Because of this, Erin returned to higher education, where she received her Master’s degree in higher education with a focus in diversity and social justice and with an additional certification in multicultural facilitation. She became a trained facilitator and also worked with various Theater of the Oppressed techniques, which uses acting, drama, and the body as a way to move through pain from oppression. During her time at graduate school, Erin was diagnosed with both PCOS and vulvodynia (chronic vulvar pain) in 2011.

Because of her physical health diagnoses, she sought a deeper way to heal her body that went beyond physical modern medicine. Doing so, she connected to the unlimited power and truth that is source energy. She began to change the way she ate, talked about herself, the relationships in her life, what she was allowing, and many more ways that all allowed her to reclaim her personal power. This shift in mindset unlocked a whole new world of healing that she now feels called to share with others.

In addition to promoting a more just society through interpersonal communication, Erin is also passionate about raising awareness about addiction, domestic violence, sexual assault, and emotional and physical abuse due to the ways in which these have played a role in her personal life. She currently does work and speaking with the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center and personal speaking engagements to share her story.

As an artist, Erin uses the power of poetry and language to share parts of her story while also challenging dominant toxic narratives that are in place. Her first body of poems, Notes on Healing and Clarity, was released October 3, 2013 and immediately connected with those who are shifting energy to be better. Erin’s second book of poetry, Soften, was released on April 14, 2015 and is just as transformative an healing as her first. At this time, Erin tours to read, speak about her writing, and offer workshops.

Erin currently lives in Cleveland, OH and works as an educator, facilitator, and private coach. If you are interested in working with Erin, seeing her speak, or booking her for coaching or workshop sessions, please visit the other tabs on this website.

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