The Holiness That Is Our Spiritual Wounding

We are on Earth to heal. And we are on Earth to feel. And we are on Earth to purge every spot of false lie that we are not enough and that we are somehow a fault of creation or that we are anything besides unconditional love. On the soul level we know this, but because we also have a body that has to live in Earth reality, the dense emotions of pain, jealousy, abandonment, and loss also live within us.

Most of us have been brought up with the teachings that these emotions need to be avoided at all costs. That these emotions and the spiritual wounding they are connected to are somehow more powerful than us and can somehow control us more than the desire to transcend them. This is false. Our spiritual wounding is one of the holiest gifts we are given on Earth. It is never only to punish us or make us doubt ourselves. It is only to allow us to learn our lessons and to connect with those who hold the same wounds as us and wish to transcend them with us.

Our wounds are a gift from Thee Most High to teach us the lessons we are must stubborn about and have the hardest time allowing ourselves to learn. The sooner you are able to move your ego out of the way and believe and trust in this, the sooner you will be free. Okay, so, kinda buy it but kinda don’t? Check out today’s video where I break it down even further:

Love you!! Great job always :)




Full Moon in Aquarius August 2016

full moon aquarius pic

You don’t want it anymore, do you? It is time now. Time to put it down and be free. You’ve been carrying it for so long, and it seemed like it was serving you during the fun Leo energy, but now that we are in humanitarian-focused Aquarius moon energy, we can feel we don’t actually want it. Let it be done. You deserve to feel free.

Not only do we have a Full Moon, but we also have an eclipse–which is great news! The full moon is about releasing something, and the eclipse typically shows us something from our past that is it time to let go of now. Combine these two, and we get what this full moon’s energy is all about–releasing and then receiving for the benefit and highest good of all involved.

If you’ve been feeling “insane” lately or outside of yourself or like what the actual fuck is going on, don’t worry–this has all been your energy preparing for a purge…the purge. Life is a cycle of movements and growing and releasing and letting go. Full moons are the end of something, and this full moon is one of those ends.

With all this info, here are reflective questions:

  1. What popped into your head as you were reading paragraph number 1? This is your intuition telling you that THAT is what you need to put down. Trust it. Write it out. Look at it. And ask yourself why you need to put it down (aka how has it been harming you/those around you in whatever ways)?
  2. Once you have held and realized what you need to put down from question number 1, what will this create space for in your life? Remember, you can only receive once you release something. What is your intention to now receive?
  3. Aquarius is about the collective energy of All That Is and being in service of this. What is your role in the collective energy? What are you here to serve as? Show up as? Be for yourself and others?
  4. Look at what you wrote for questions two and three. How do they connect? In what ways is your new layer of life going to add to your mission of how you serve the collective? (Note: don’t get thrown off by the word “mission”–can be as big or as small or as (whatever) you like! Your life, your rules!)

And here are some affirmations for today:

“I know what I want. I welcome whatever serves me and all around me to enter my life. I am a valuable and important addition to the collective conscious. I am consistently showing up as my highest vibration and clarity. I am here to serve–but never at the expense of myself. It is easy for me to release that is through teaching me and therefore does not add positively to my energy anymore.” Amen and ameen.

Happy Full Moon, everyone! It is time. I hope you are extra kind to yourself today!!

Love you,



New Moon in Leo August 2016


Leo season  is here, and she roars. She makes her presence known. She knows what she wants, and she gets it, and she does it well. This is a stark distinction between the Cancer energy that is so deeply rooted in emotions and feeling–which isn’t a bad thing, just very different energies. Leo demands we show up and take action to be our best selves after a period of feeling all the feelings. That’s what this New Moon is about.

Additionally, we are in 8 month of the calendar year. 8 is the symbol of infinity, and it is a number associated with balance and healing. When turned sideways, the 8 loops itself in its two halves and therefore represents the dual nature of all things. Please keep in mind we hold the dual nature of all things in our bodies, but we tend to focus on one side over the other depending on the beliefs we hold about ourselves. This Leo New Moon is about owning ALL that we are and no longer choosing to judge it. After all, Leo makes the best of all that is given to her. :)

For today’s reflective questions:

  1. What’s an area of your life you are #LeoAF in and you know it? Aka an area you feel confident? The best? Like no one can tell you shit about it? What do you do to be the best in this area? What does it feel like? No right or wrong answers. No limits as to what the answer can be. :)
  2. No shame or self-judgment for this question, but what is an area of your life you don’t feel so #LeoAF? It can be a physical/non-physical quality, something you already do, something you don’t do at all. No right or wrong answers. No limits as to what the answer can be. :) After you’ve identified the first part of the question, what do you need to do to become more #LeoAF regarding this?
  3. Before you answer this question, say the following prayer: “I forgive myself and release any judgement or attack on myself or others when I was answering question 2. Amen and ameen.” Okay: was question number 1 or question number 2 harder to answer? Why?
  4. For this question, read the first part and then sit with it with eyes closed for 30 seconds to a minute and really allow answers, images, and visions to flow to you. Ready?: What are you on Earth to do? To be? To create? To exist as? To be unapologetic about? Sit with this and remember Leo energy is NOT here to play small. :) After you took time to hold it, answer it the question, but in I AM and present tense. For example, “I am healthy, whole, and sound. I am happy and taken care of financially running my own business. I create art and it is received well.” You are deserving!!

All my love and blessings to you as usual!! Until next month,



Full Moon In Capricorn July 2016


Capricorn is one of those signs that always is teaching me by exposing parts of my shadow self to me. Capricorn is the energy of diligence and excellence. Of doing it and doing it so well the first time you never even have to think if you have to do this again. When you are near Capricorn energy, you will begin to see the ways in which you are not holding yourself accountable to you to be and do your best. Not in a shaming way…but in a way that Capricorn reflects back to you your highest potential.

With this, we know that Full Moons are incredibly intense energy, so if you’ve been feeling a bit drama lately, no worries. This is normal and allowed. Since Capricorn is so good at getting shit done in an incredibly well-done way, this is a perfect full moon to release that which you have been holding on to but does not serve you any further.

Reflective questions for the Full Moon:

  1. Where have you not been showing up as your best self? This isn’t a time for shaming–it is a time to hold this area to the light and release it–F I N A L L Y. This is most likely something you have been meaning to let go of for a long time but continue to excuse away for some reason. No more–what is it?
  2. Based on what you wrote for number 1, how can you finalize letting this energy go? What type of ritual or significant action can you take to tap into the abundance of the Universe to show her you are committed to letting go? Write a letter and (safely) burn it? Get rid of something? Delete something? Cord cutting? Something else? Trust the beautiful body wisdom that comes forth to guide you.
  3. When you give yourself permission to release, you are simultaneously giving yourself permission to receive. What do you want to receive? What filling energy or thing do you wish to call into your life through the diligence of Capricorn energy?
  4. Capricorn is miserable when it gives away its power by not doing something but Capricorn also makes itself crazy by doing too much. Understanding this very real energy and also understanding old patterns that we need to push through and break are here and now–how does this apply to your life? What do you need to balance? What do you need to change? What do you need to (not) do?

As usual, all my love and support. Full moon blessings to you and yours. You can do it!!



Owning Our Whiteness: A Dialogue

owning our whiteness

Out of the hundreds of hours I have facilitated dialogue on white privilege, the number one place where growth stops and shut down occurs is when the guilt, fear, and stories of the (white) ego get louder than the pain stories of the racial injustice. Hands down, every time.
I truly believe we are at the tipping point for racial justice, but I still see so much fear and doubt in self when we are asked to have this conversation, white people. It is time for us to own our whiteness: to take responsibility for ourselves, to stop using our fear/guilt as an excuse, and to transmute what we have inherited and what we still benefit from today. If you are white and you feel you have been called to do something but you don’t know what or are uncomfortable, I invite you to please consider joining this free call I am hosting. The owness is on us. Not talking about it and not doing something is not an option anymore. We must name, transmute, and release this guilt if we want to be able to show up for the black bodies that have been asking us to for decades and generations.
I will be going over white privilege 101, how reverse racism can never and will never be real, the most common false phrases heard in racial dialogue, and then there will be time for questions and sharing of ANY capacity. This is not a space to shame you. It is a space for us to take ownership of all they ways we have been socialized into racism and being racist. The call is free, but if you attend (or if you don’t), please consider donating $10-$25 to one of the countless funds set up for families for those recently murdered, non-profits/organization specifically created to support black and brown people, or one of the black people providing a free education to all of us on the internet every day for us–as well as reading at least one article by a black person if you haven’t done so already.

Also please note because I was socialized as a white US citizen, the context of this conversation will be about the ways in which race has been constructed and exists in the United States. Email me at to sign up—both of the calls will be the same content. Tuesday 12 July noon or 8 PM EST. Free and accessible worldwide.
Of course, I am open to any and all feedback or discussion. Blessings + love to all. #BlackLivesMatter ♥️


Having Compassion For Our Former Selves

A very lovely and wonderful part of being human is that, if we choose, we never have to stop growing or expanding or (un)learning. There is always more. And we can always move through and past to the next part of our soul’s expansion. Truly, what a miracle.

In addition to this, part of being human means we are here with a human ego. The ego gets a bad rap, but it is our greatest teacher if we let it. For most of us, we get taught and then stay in the vibration of allowing our ego to judge and separate all things, including ourselves.

So when we do decide to grow and expand, our ego tends to get ruthless toward our former self. Yuck! Life is hard, right? I just want to grow and here comes my ego making me feel bad. Guess what, the ego thrives on separation and judgement, so no matter how many times you expand, it will always be there. But the good news is, you can always call in compassion that will override your ego voice. I promise.

Interested? Watch today’s video to learn how to hold more compassion for your former (and therefore current) self. <3 Love and light as usual!



New Moon in Cancer 3 July 2016

New Moon in Cancer. Aka Cry Baby Moon. Aka Summertime Sadness Moon. Aka you’re a human that has some healing and purging to do still, so this is a gift actually. The purging is very real and intense because the downloads, growth, and expansion we are all receiving are very real and intense. We must always purge the old in order to make room for the new.

new moon cancer pic july 16

Cancer is lovingly nicknamed the most emo sign– *poses for MySpace selfie*. Many of us has have been taught that being emo in general (aka have a perceived “negative” emotion) means something is “wrong” with us–that somehow we are back-tracking or doing something wrong. Today’s New Moon wants you to know and let into your heart that the most enlightened and loving thing you can do for yourself is to feel your feelings all the way without judging them. Please read this sentence again, breathing in a deep, soothing breath. You’re doing such a good job.

For today, connect to your inner emo Cry Baby Cancer energy; don’t worry, everyone else around you is. :) Reflective questions for today:

  1. What have you purged recently? Where have you cleared energy in your life? This could be in physical realm, emotional realm, both–it doesn’t matter, any answer is correct. It is important to hold this because we need to remind ourselves of how many things we have released and we are STILL alive and STILL here. Every impossible time, we somehow do it again. Hold this energy. Know every release is a growth, not a set-back.
  2. Tapping into the trust and ability to release that you identified you are capable of in number 1, what do you need to give yourself to be a Cry Baby about right now? What thing in your life do you need to just fucking FEEL and throw the damn temper tantrum already? It’s okay. It’s allowed.
  3. How can you give yourself permission to feel this energy that needs to come up and out? Crying, of course, is an option, but your body might want something else or in addition to this. Don’t over think it–trust what answer comes up for you.
  4. When we resent someone/something it is because we have given away our personal power to them. A way we can do this is by putting someone/something before ourselves. Even if we don’t resent this person/thing at first, maybe slowly but always eventually, we will. For this month of July, where do you commit to putting yourself first? Where are you going to hold your energy for yourself intentionally for this month? It is your life, for you, after all.

Happy New Moon! I love you so much!!!



Full Moon in Sagittarius + Solstice June 2016

It seems every time I write these entries, I want to write so much gratitude for all the many, amazing things at once going on. This is beautiful and amazing. So much abundance. So many beautiful things to find and be grateful for if you just let yourself. Plus, we are in magical-ass times, my friends. We are in overwhelmingly-pure and clearing times.


The full moon in Sagittarius is the second full moon in Sagittarius in a row, so expect energies of how you felt this time last month to come back around to this month. Sagittarius is the archer, the straight shooter. The one who sees something, says, “Yeah, that’s it. I want that.” And then does what it takes to take action toward that and do it.

Put this full moon in Sagittarius energy with the solstice in the sun sign of Gemini, and we have a bit of opposing energy here. Gemini is known as the sign of the twins, as the sign holding two seemingly opposing ideas at once. In the New Moon earlier this month, I wrote about how we may have two experiences in our lives coming up that are actually just different outcomes of the same energy and lesson. This energy is present here, too. With the discernment and sharpness of Sagittarius, we can get clearer, faster. And cut through these energies.
So what is this magical strawberry, second Sag, solstice, full moon about? The merging. And then the choosing. Below are reflective questions to get you through, and at the bottom are suggested affirmations based on this time energetically:

  1. Full moon. Full summer solstice (for Northern hemisphere people). Full you. Where do you need to be more full? Where can you ask to call in more abundance for yourself in your life?
  2. Opposing Gemini energies. Where have you taken a dip into the past? Where did the lesson you thought couldn’t possibly show up on your radar show up again?
  3. Looking at what you wrote for number 2, how can you call in the sharp, cutting energy of Sagittarius and pick the healthy narrative? How can you write the calm, empowering story?
  4. The solstice is either the shortest or longest day of the year, depending where you are located. This points to energy of things around us changing and going through their cycles without us noticing because we are too wrapped up in our own world. What do you need to connect to to ground yourself? How have you been living in your head too much? What is readily available and accessible outside of you that you have taken for granted?

Affirmations for Full Strawberry Moon June 2016:

I can  easily tell what I want. I am free from lack and fear. I allow myself to let go. I love all that has been given to me. I forgive and am forgiven. I am free.


And to that: amen!!! Blessings, beautiful healers!!

Talk to you soon,






New Moon in Gemini June 2016

New Moon Gemini Pic

Hello, beautiful world. Here we are again: another new moon cycle. This new moon is in the sign of Gemini, which is also where are sun is, giving us double gemini energy today!! This double Gemini appearance combined with the fact that Gemini is a mutable sign, leads the way for all things to be possible, for us to discern our truth, and for us to re-connect to love after gaining some personal clarity.

Gemini is all about talking and communication and is ruled by Mercury. Mercury went direct just a bit ago after it’s famous drama-assigned retrogrades. Put two and two together, and we are coming out on the other side of a time of communication confusion.

With this new moon in Gemini, we have the opportunity for personal clarity, growth, and choosing a new frame of mind. Gemini is often seen as the twins and since we also have the sun and the moon in Gemini, we are given the choice between which perspective we want to commit to. There is always another way.

Today’s reflective questions:

  1. Mercury (which rules Gemini and communication) has recently gone direct, and this has given us a clear and fresh mental start. Where do you need to commit to a new mental start in your life? What do you believe? What do you want to believe? What fear story do you need to reframe?
  2. Gemini is the sign of the twins. With this double energy, where can you identify two seemingly contradictory stories going on in your life that are actually the same energy manifesting in different ways? What are the stories? What is the energy? What are they showing you?
  3. With this rebirthing of clarity, take some time to write about: what don’t you know? What do you need to write down, look at in the eye, and let yourself be free from because you have shared it in the light? It’s okay to not know.
  4. Looking at what you wrote for number 3, how can you share more love around this? How can you speak or communication from your heart center around this in order to make peace with it? There are no wrong answers. Some examples may be: affirmations, talking to it, asking what it wants, meditating with visualization, sharing with a friend, tell Spirit you don’t know what to do and waiting for guidance, etc.

Finally, here are some affirmations around re-settling into love and trust with this new moon:

I love myself. I trust myself. I am powerful beyond all external forces. It is safe for me to take care of myself. It is safe for me to acknowledge all the good I have created and called into my life. There is no need for me to punish myself anymore. I am allowed to be seen and trust I will be seen with love. I am held by myself and all others with safety and support. I only choose things that support my highest good. It is easy for me to identify abundance in any moment of my life. I love sharing all the abundance in this Earth realm. I know there is enough for me and everyone else. I am taken care of. I am deserving of a peaceful life. I am allowed to have joy. It is safe to trust Source and that which I cannot see. I trust Source and therefore have infinite joy, peace, and love.

Happy new moon!! I love you!!



Good Guilt vs. Bad Guilt

Everything is neutral. You know this. I know this. But–sometimes there is a harder time believing this when it comes to certain topics..and guilt happens to be one of them.

I am a firm believer that every emotion is simply a gateway to connecting us to our higher selves and what is blocking that connection. With that, each emotion by itself can serve us, but where it gets tricky is when we take our human egos and assign meaning to what we are feeling further than beyond what is happening.

So how does this tie into guilt? And are you sure there is good guilt AND bad guilt? Isn’t all guilt “bad”? I thought everything was neutral…?

Watch today’s video for answers to all these questions :)

All my love!