New Moon in Scorpio November 2017

We are coming to the end of 2017, and this has truly been a year of releasing, purging, and transmuting many, many limiting beliefs about the self and others that we needed to. With today being the second last New Moon of the year, it is time we look at what else we want to plant anew with the new energy of this new moon phase.

Today’s New Moon in is Scorpio and Scorpio is carrying the energy of savagery. Now, Scorpio is a water sign, so the savagery isn’t too crazy 😉 but there are definitely themes of what do you need to let go of or release finally and truly? Many of us have come to our wits’ end in terms of passively putting up with shit that is not for us — either coming from ourselves or something outside of us. Today is the day to honor being sick of that shit and doing and being different! This New Moon (as New Moons are in general) is great for calling in and cultivating new energy.

For today’s reflective questions:

  1. Knowing we have some savage AF energy coming to us from when Scorpio has HAD it, where do you need to turn up the savagery in your life? Aka where do you need to set clearer boundaries for yourself? Either physical boundaries, emotional ones, or even around thoughts you think.
  2. We know our ego is very tricky, and sometimes it can trick us to focus on something we don’t actually need to be focusing on. Often times, this is under the illusion of some type of control we don’t actually have. Holding this thought, in what areas of your life do you need to reclaim your personal power within yourself by letting go of control over something your ego has convinced you you have control over but you actually don’t? Where do you need to mind your business more?
  3. Revisit your answers for numbers one and two. In order to have these boundaries in place, there needs to be a removal of bittness and resentment. So, to fulfill the answers for numbers one and two, who or what do you need to forgive? This can include yourself, others, thoughts, limiting beliefs, etc. And remember: forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning or not honoring your boundaries. It means clearing out shit that is not yours from you energy field so that you may be free!
  4. Finally, because this is the New Moon, we have access to powerful energy in terms of planting new seeds and creating a powerful vision for ourselves. Take a moment to breath deeply and imagine you as your best, most true self. Really see it and hold that energy for yourself. After you have this picture in your mind, describe it clear and intentionally in the present tense through a free write as if it already is. And so it shall be. 🙂

Happy New Moon blessings to you and yours!



Six Years Sober: Reflections on Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health

Today I am so so so very blessed and grateful to celebrate S I X beautiful, full, unexpected, amazing YEARS of being 100% free from drugs and alcohol! I am grateful for my sobriety and the work I have done to maintain it every day, but having a sober-versary is always a blessing. Having a specific day to honor and do ritual and intentional celebration to give proper thanks to this feels so wonderful.

When I first got sober, one of the main reasons was for my health. This was a vague motivator for me, but I could hear it, and so I trusted it. Over the years, I have taken many, many unexpected turns and paths with my health and it has unfolded in ways I couldn’t have imagined, but the journey and commitment has been so rich and worth it–even when it hasn’t been easy. For this year, I will be reflecting on my journey with my physical, mental, and spiritual health over the past six years of choosing to be sober and what that has looked like for me.

Physical health: this part of my health has always been pretty straight forward for me. The journey has been how I (mostly) expected it. Eat like shit, feel like shit. Don’t move my body or give it the movement it wants, feel like shit. Of course, I have spent SO much time and energy listening to my body, getting to know it, what it likes and doesn’t like, researching a challenge that comes up, and asking for help/support/guidance from professionals as needed, but overall, this area of my health has been fairly input/output relationship-oriented. The physical body responds. Of course, my physical body’s health has dramatically increased since choosing to be sober with the first reason being that I can actually stand to be in my body and listen to it. From there, each day is different, but for the most part, if I listen and show up for it in terms of nutrition, exercise, and other holistic care and approach to it, I am in a good spot.

Mental health: this area of my health has been the most difficult over the years. At various points in my life, I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And, honestly, it has been a lifetime of learning to hold myself in softness and patience with and through these. When I first got sober, the sobriety of it was literally overwhelming, which is what makes staying sober so hard. I had been using for about nine years when I stopped, and for me, all of my using meant I was not able to be present with myself. Therefore, when I got sober and had to sit with all my shit, I was frozen. Mental health is not like physical health. I cannot follow a formula and guarantee there will be a specific output. Because I have paid attention to myself and my triggers and spent countless hours nurturing gentleness with myself, I am able to be more aware and spot patterns within myself, but the truth about my mental health is it is unpredictable. Of course, I can actively choose to do things I know will minimize my triggers or make me feel out of balance with myself, but no matter how much control I think I have over my mental health, I need to accept it as part of me. Mental health is waves. It is unpredictable. It can come out of nowhere. And it has taught me that acceptance of what is and being gentle with myself and honoring what I need in the present moment is more important than trying to chase an impossible end goal of “defeating” any negative or unideal feelings. I have been seeing a therapist every week for the past 7 years (and plan on continuing to do so as long as needed). I set boundaries for myself. I say no. I spend time in nature. I choose healthy relationships in my life. I meditate. I read. I write. I breathe. I tend to myself. All of this is good. But none of it can prevent any episodes in my mental health I will ever have. And learning to love myself through every state of my mental health has been what brings me (back to) peace; not the illusion of trying to prevent or control. My mental health teaches me every day about the necessity of committing to and accepting the self with gentleness and love no matter what I look or act like that day.

Spiritual health: to be honest, in this area of my health I truly never thought I would be where I am at. Having been incarnated into this life with many, many lifetimes of past trauma and wounding and experienced a lot in this lifetime as well, I was traumatized to the point that I gave up on God. I thought it was easier. I thought I had been abandoned. Throughout my life, I had fleeting moments of praying, or feeling the comfort you find when you connect to Source, but never this steady, clear energy I had heard about. Thankfully, the Universe did not give up on me and was still (trying to) communicate with me. Even more thankfully, slowly, slowly, through many different means and mediums, I began to connect with a Higher Power that felt good and real to me. Synchronistic moments were picked up by my conscious brain. The sun and wind touched my skin and I pulsated with All That Is. Books with what I needed to hear found me. My journals over-flowed with messages from The Other Side. Eventually I realized that this part of me had always been there, but I had never fully allowed it. I was afraid, and so my ego convinced me that my abandonment was greater than the unconditional Love we are all entitled to. Today, I can happily and fully say I am committed to my relationship with Spirit (or Source or God or The Universe or Thee Most High or whatever you call this) more than I have ever been in my life, and it is the most fulfilling peace I know. Faith feels better than fear. Trust feels better than doubt. Miracles feel better than chaos.

I know all areas of my health and my life are not separated like this, but it has been helpful for me to think about them in this way. I do not know what will unfold for me, but I know I am being guided and therefore I know I cannot go wrong. I am so grateful for being able to rebuild my relationship with myself, my body, my mind, and Source every day. It is never too late. Six years later, and I am reminded of this every day.

Thank you for my sobriety. Thank you for rewriting. Thank you for healing. Thank you for transmuting and transforming. Thank you for witnessing me. Peace, love, and blessings to all beings 🙂

New Moon in Libra October 2017

Happy New Moon in Libra!! As we are approaching the end of 2017 and all that this 9 year brought and will bring us, this New Moon is asking us to set boundaries and reevaluate where we are with our relationship to self and others.

Libra is the sign of the scales and balance. It is about boundaries and being mindful of the other in all relationships and then seeing what we need to do from there in order to allow our energy to be held and protected. The scales of justice that are the symbol of Libra allow us to remember to consider the other in a way we might normally not. Don’t get confused though — this doesn’t mean abandoning of the self or prioritizing others over you. The scales are there to keep us in check and be mindful of others, but never do this at the expense of you.

Additionally, we have the asteroid Karma into play with this New Moon, as the sun is currently conjunct it. Karma is in charge of the energy around relationships, especially those given to you to heal past life wounding or other karmic attachments in this lifetime. Increased energy and heightened awareness about who you are in these settings and how you want to be showing up will come into play for you.

Reflective questions for this New Moon are:

  1. Knowing Libra is the sign of the scales and justice and asks for there to be balance in order to feel peaceful, in what area(s) of your life do you need more balance in? How can you find more middle ground for yourself?
  2. Noting the aspect of sun conjunct asteroid Karma and the companion energy Libra, what is coming up for you in terms of relationships (with self, with Source, with others)? What is the karmic lesson the Universe is telling you it is time for you to learn at this time?
  3. Reviewing your answers for number one and two, what are boundaries you want to set for yourself in order to make sure what you have identified can be turned into fruition. There are physical boundaries, yes, but you can also set energetic boundaries or boundaries with your thoughts, etc. Trust what your body is telling you.
  4. Every New Moon is about planting new seeds and harnessing new energy. What do you want to plant for yourself this New Moon in Libra? Write 3-5 affirmations for yourself that will mirror what you worked through with the other questions. Reminder: affirmations are positively-tensed, first person, I AM sentences. Some examples: I am honoring and listening to my body and its needs. It is easy for me to focus my thoughts on building my highest potential

Happy New Moon!!! Blessings, healing, and love to you xx


New Moon in Virgo September 2017

Happy New Moon in Virgo, everyone!! Today we welcome the beautiful meticulous and healing energy of Virgo into our fields. This energy pairs nicely as we transition into a new season (either fall or spring, depending which hemisphere you’re in) and after the full solar eclipse we had last month. All of this is working together nicely and in your favor. 🙂

Virgo is an Earth sign who strives for perfection and finds great joy in the day-to-day tasks of taking care of things. If you ever need to accomplish something and need to focus on the details of it, Virgo energy is the energy to call in and harness. Virgo likes to do the job and do it well; they like details and specifics. Their tuning to systems and the parts that make up those systems is how they channel The Other Side most clearly.

Although this may seem contradictory at first, because of the strong desire to take care of things on basic level, this is what allows Virgo to be such a strong healing sign. Most of us, thanks to our egos, believe change happens only on the large scale and with huge events. This is true to some degree, but what our egos can fail to have us recognize is that what allows these BIG events to take place is the continuous repetition of the small events; a big event is just one final small event that led to something new. This is the magic that Virgo energy can grant us.

The total solar eclipse that took place in North America last month was and is a giant catalyst for change and starting new. It functioned in many ways like a New Moon–allowing a strong and fast burning away of the old and lots of space for the new. Utilize today’s New Moon in all this free space to your advantage!

Reflective questions for today:

  1. Virgo is an Earth sign that operates best connected to Earth and being grounded. While this will, of course, look different for everyone, it is important to know what ways and how you can access this Earth grounded energy. How do you ground yourself?
  2. A sense of duty, healing, and service is vital to the thriving of Virgo energy, and all healers know you can only offer that externally which you have mastered internally. Because of the all the ways we can buy into the current state of disaster and destruction of the Earth, it can be easy to focus our energy outward instead of internally. In what ways do you need to focus more internally? In what areas do you need to adjust the mirror to so you focus more inside of yourself?
  3. Because we have had so much burn away after the eclipse, we now have space to rebuild and lay new groundwork. With this new sacred space, what do you want to reinvest in and reinvent about yourself?
  4. Virgo tends to have an avoidance of indulging if they are took focused on work and service. What are some ways you want to indulge yourself this month?

Blessings to you all!! xx


Full Moon in Capricorn July 2017

Happy Full Moon, you beautiful babies! Here we are mid-summer and this full moon is really bringing up that shit we may be did NOT want to deal with while we are chilling this summer. But, that’s life and that’s astrology for you; all here to assist in our growth. 🙂

Yesterday, we had the 7/7 portal (7th day of the 7th month) right before the peak of this full moon energy. The 7/7 portal occurs before the 8/8 Lions portal, but is still about spirituality opening and taking us to our highest places. Perhaps you may feel a stronger calling to a force outside of you. Perhaps you might have opened it up already and now feel blocked because the energy was too intense. Either way, the double 7’s are working in your favor to connect you to that Higher Power that wants to guide you. You just have to surrender understanding it and simply let it in.

Astrologically, we have the sun in Cancer and the full moon in opposition Capricorn. Cancer is lovingly nick-named the “cry-baby” sign for being overly emotional while Capricorn (not so lovingly) has the reputation of being cold with minimal feelings. These opposing energies are pulling us in different directions and may have us feeling lost or confused as to who we are or what we want. However, these feelings are the same coin — just different sides. This full moon is about looking at the seemingly opposing ways the Universe is delivering our messages to us and seeing if we can understand how they are both holding our truth together, just in different ways.

Reflective questions for this full moon:

  1. In what ways are you in your feelings, thanks to that good Cancer sun energy? In what ways do you feel like your inner child is really going hard with the temper tantrum? With the “this isn’t fair” thoughts? Try not to judge yourself through this; Cancer wants us to feel. Simply observe and see where your energy is.
  2. In what ways are you trying to push yourself to be more “practical”, thanks to that good Capricorn Full Moon energy? Capricorn values the self through work a lot — especially as a means of reminding itself it has control. Where do you see yourself getting pushed to do something for work (in whatever form that is)? Where do you feel like you’re being pushed to grow or move up?
  3. For this question, take a moment to re-read what you have written so far for questions 1 and 2. Go through and answer the following questions about those two: Where did these feelings/desires come from? Whose are they? Is this who I am/what I want or is it what others have told me to be? Where did I learn this? Am I choosing this or is this left-over pain story from someone who is not me? The Full Moon is huge time for releasing, so even though something is loud right now, it might not be for you. It’s simply loud because it’s leaving. Get clear on that so you can focus your energy where you actually need and want to.
  4. As stated in the text of this blog, the Cancer/Capricorn energies are working together to expose your Truth to you — even if your ego is in hyperdrive and can’t see it. Look at your previous answers so far again; where is there overlap? Where are themes the same? If you’re having blocks with this prompt, breath deeply for one minute and then respond to this prompt, “My Truth is speaking to me, and I am willing to listen. The ways I can clearly see my Truth manifesting through what I wrote is….”

Blessings to you all!! Remember to smile and not take all this shit so seriously. 🙂

Until next time,



New Moon in Aries March 2017

new moon aries pic

Hello, beautiful babies of life!

How are you doing? Alive? Well? Insane? Starting completely over? Unsure of reality? All of the above? Welcome to the Equinox, Venus Retrograde, and New Moon in Aries !!!

An equinox is always powerful energy because we are in the process of shifting out of one reality for the past few months into another. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we are in Spring. Renewal. Rebirth. Re-everything. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, we in Fall Shedding. Coming down off a high of life. Off the pulsating aliveness of summer. Both are okay. Both are allowed. This shifting of the seasons is natural.

Next up: Venus Retrograde. Venus is the planet that rules love and emotions. And when I say love I mean all love — not just romantic. Remember that romantic/platonic/friend/family/etc love is all the same; the ego just wants to assign value and rankings unnecessarily, like usual 😉 When a planet goes retrograde, the planet appears to be moving backward (that’s an illusion, it’s simply #science) and thus the area over which this planet rules can feel out of whack or backwards or even old and oddly hecticly familiar. With Venus Retrograde, we have the energy of old shit coming up for us, especially in regards to our patterns of love and being loved with ourselves and others.

Finally, New Moon in Aries. The New Moon is always time to start anew and remember that we constantly live in a cycle of change and growth — no matter how much the ego wishes otherwise. 😉 Aries is a fire sign, which guarantees intense energy right away. Of the fire signs, Aries is the most savage, the hottest and quickest temper, and the one who loves to shake things up the most. All of this combined with the new energy we are feeling adds a LOT of shit for us to be shifting through.

For this month’s reflective questions:

  1. With Venus Retrograde, let’s look at what’s being activated here. What’s coming up for you in regards to love? Not just romantic love. And not just with others, but also stories, patterns, habits, etc.
  2. Fire signs tend to like instability as they believe it is connected to adventure. With the New Moon in Aries, some of this wild out energy maybe be getting activated. This is good! But like all things, in moderation, as too much can become self-sabotage. Where are you possibly self-sabotaging yourself by letting go on control *too* much?
  3. Equinox and Aries want new and fresh energy. They love it. With this energy surrounding us, what can you do that is new and fresh to use this energy? A thought pattern? An action? A habit? Something you keep putting off?
  4. Looking at what you wrote for number 3, take this one step further. What goal can you set for yourself (yes, right now), that is based off what you wrote previously? Don’t get too crazy, just open up the energy for yourself to begin what Aries will help you start.

Have a blessed day, everyone! Sending you lots of love and fire. Talk to you soon!!


New Moon in Aquarius January 2017

new moon aquarius blog post pic

Happy first New Moon of 2017 and also Happy Chinese New Year! A lot of new energy as we sink into what it feels like to be in this beautiful creation year. Many of us are holding the freedom and space of 2017 10 year after a very intense (but freeing) 9 year. The space to have agency over ourselves and not simply react is what we have all desired, and it is here now. But that still takes some getting used to.

In addition to this, we hold Aquarius energy of this New Moon: energy of the water bearer, the humanitarian, the one who can carry, cleanse, and release the energies of us all. There is a need to connect while also washing clean. There is a need to forgive and release. There is a need to get back to the basics of love–but without judgement and with forgiveness.

This is a wonderful time to honor the doubt that is coming up for you as a sign you are on the right path. A sign that your ego is working extra hard to keep you small and keep you in your comfort zone (even if it’s not where you want to be). None of this can stop you. You exist beyond all of it.

Reflection questions:

  1. Aquarius is the water bearer. Water allows us to be washed clean and starting over with fresh energy and cleansing ourselves. What do you need to wash clean in your life? What do you need to release and forgive?
  2. After you have identified an answer for number 1 and given yourself permission to wash it clean, what do you want to do with that? What’s next? Where do you go from here and how do you move forward?
  3. Aquarian energy of water bearer is also the energy of bearing the emotions of humanity. Not in a self-martyr way, but in the way of being connected to everyone and everything and understanding your unique energy pattern is needed as part of humanity’s divine assignment. Tapping into this energy, how do you want to show up as part of humanity? What work do you want to do?
  4. No matter what the ego will tell you, no person who has ever lived in service from a heart-centered place has done that alone. Holding your mission clearly for number three, what relationships do you need to cultivate and focus on to make this happen? Relationships with self, with Spirit, with people currently in your life, with people you want to call in.

Blessings to you and yours! Talk to you in a few weeks.



Full Moon Cancer January 2017

full moon cancer pic

Happy New Year, happy full moon in cancer, and happy life! We welcomed 2017 a few weeks ago and I pray you have already begun to feel the relief of entering a 10 year (2+0+1+7=10) and ending a very powerful, intense, 9 year (2+0+1+6=9). 10 is the balance of masculine and feminine a chance for us to create the reality we wish to have as our own. Of course, this is only possible after we have done the work of releasing and purging (sometimes painfully) all the old, limiting beliefs of 2016. Rest assured, none of it was in vain as we are on the other side. We are taken care of.

This first full moon of 2017 takes place in the cry baby sign of Cancer. Of course, I say cry baby with all the love and respect in the world. Cancer gives us the space to tap into our emotions and those around us and hold them in a way so that we can move through them. It is a reactionary, desperate feeling; it is one of acceptance that the full range of emotions is part of the human experience and to pretend otherwise is to create a painful disconnect in the self.

As we have entered the 10 year and while the full moon is already associated with releasing, Cancer is the perfect sign for this full moon to allow us to move through some of these leftover purged emotions from a tumultuous 9 year. The worst is over. There is no un-healing.

Here are reflective questions:

  1. As we celebrate a New Year and as you have either intentionally created new energy you want to bring into your life for the New Year, we must honor all that was released in 2016. Make a list of all that you purged in 2016. Physical or non-physical. Go month by month. Honor it all.
  2. With Cancer being one of the most emotionally tuned-in and emotional in general signs, this full moon is a wonderful gift in FEELING whatever you released in 2016. Reading through your list that you wrote for number 1, make a new list of all the feelings that each of these things brought up for you. What emotions/places were you able to further access following that which you purged in number 1?
  3. Even if you are not someone who sets resolutions for the New Year, energetically, change is in the air. Amidst, what can you feel is shifting for you, even if it is rather involuntarily? How is the change showing up in your life?
  4. While the moon is in Cancer, the sun is in Capricorn — which means these two opposing sides may be contributing to the feelings of duality or a push-and-pull energy. This is necessary, but the strength of your foundation or home (which is associated with Cancer), can help to ground you through this. How can you show up for yourself and your home (energetic or physical)? What do you need to do for yourself to feel that your energy is grounded in stability through this back and forth? What can you commit to?

Blessings to you and yours as we begin 2017! All my love as usual.



New Moon in Capricorn December 2016

new moon cap pic

Hello, beautiful babies of the world! As we enter the last few days of the year 2016, we were blessed with one last New Moon. What a gift! Today’s New Moon is in Capricorn and occurs while Mercury is Retrograde in this same Earth sign.

Capricorn is the Earth sign goat/GOAT that is the one that climbs to the top of the mountain. The one that gets it done. The one that you can count on for persistence. With Mercury Retrograde and the New Moon in this sign, we are getting a double energy access of this beautiful focused Capricorn energy.

One way we may have been tricked into not using all of this energy to our highest potential is because Mercury is Retrograde. This astrological occurrence gets a bad rep, but it’s just different. Far too often with Mercury Retrograde, we project unnecessary fear and loss of control onto our lives when we don’t need to be. Yes, communication is a little messed up. Yes, people from the past may show up. Yes, there may be a few (a lot of) technological errors. But none of this makes you powerless! In fact, it is just there to shake up our routine and show us where we are holding old stories that don’t serve us anymore. And if there is any sign that can show up slow and steady and with the persistence to get through something, it is beautiful Capricorn energy.

So what to do with this New Moon, Mercury Retrograde, and the final days of the 9-year of closings 2016? Channel some Capricorn energy focusing on refreshed solitude, drawing awareness to yourself, and channeling that climb to the top of the mountain like the goat I know I am Capricorn gold. Reflective questions for you:

  1. With it currently being Mercury Retrograde and a lot of energy blaming 2016 for being “the worst”, many of us are absorbing energy that is soaked in giving away our own power and projecting fear onto our own lives. Even if you are not actively saying these things, I’m sure you have seen them on social media or heard it come from mouths around you. Understanding the abundance of this energy floating around, what fear stories are alive in your vibration right now? What false ego beliefs are you feeding into right now? #noshame #justawareness
  2. Looking at what you wrote for number one, re-write these fear stories into affirmations. Because we live on dense planet Earth, we will never not have ego thoughts, but forgiving them and replacing them with thoughts of abundance is always possible. For example, if you wrote for number one: “I’m not smart enough to work for myself,” you can re-write this as, “I am happily employed by myself and navigate all aspects of it with dedication and ease.” Remember to write your affirmations in present tense and with no negatives.
  3. Capricorn is an Earth sign. Capricorn is also a goat. This precious goat is the one who climbs that impossible mountain using tools that ground that goat to the Earth and typically in solitude. And you better believe that goat always gets there! With this imagery of Capricorn in your mind, what do you need to do/add to your life to reconnect to this type of energy? How does your precious solitude time need to look for you to be grounded enough in Earth to climb your mountain with your cute little goat feet?
  4. Capricorns have stamina. Not sprinter stamina, but marathon stamina. As we enter into the New Year, what do you want to see through in 2017? What do you want to manifest? Feelings, experiences, people, opportunities, ways of being. Let it all out, babbbbyyyyy!!! Keep this list close to you so you can reference it as you write goals and plans for 2017 and keep you focused. Everything is possible!

Have a blessed New Moon, end of the year, and Mercury Retrograde, and see you all in 2017!!!



Full and Super Moon in Gemini December 2016

Screen shot 2016-12-14 at 12.18.50 AM

Happy Full Moon in Gemini today, everyone! Not only is this the last full moon of the year, closing out a very powerful 9 year of endings for us (2016 = 2+0+1+6 = 9), but this full moon is also a super moon. A super moon is one that is closer to the Earth due to its location in its orbit, thus making it appear larger. Energetically, these moons tend to be more intense — so if you’re feeling some type of way and feeling it intensely, remember to be gentle with yourself as this time!!

Gemini is an air sign and is the twins. It is also a sign that loves to talk. A lot. Combine all three of these things, and we can begin to call in awareness to some patterns that may be taking place in our lives that may be hindering us. It is time to release that which no longer serves us via the form of habits in order to end this 9 cycle with love.

Today’s reflective questions:

  1. Gemini is beautiful and bold talking energy. Coming through hard and clear. How are your speaking habits? When and how do you speak? To yourself and others? In terms of taking responsibility for yourself and co-creating your reality? In terms of remembering that word is bond? In terms of reactions or responses? No shame, just awareness.
  2. How do you want to be speaking? What do you want to do for yourself? Practice right now. Write down an ideal way you would have a certain conversation. The literal words and also the intention behind them.
  3. We’ve been purging and releasing and falling and changing all of 2016. With just a few weeks left, what do you want to purge and release with intention? Where have you truly learned your lesson and want it to be done?
  4. Understanding the intense twin energy that is with Gemini today, how does what you wrote for number 3 connect to an area of your life in which you have freedom? For example, after learning a shadow lesson, where was more light then free to enter? We need both sides. Always. Identify this, and the welcoming of the lessons increases while the need to control them decreases.

I hope you have a truly blessed day. Love you all so so much! Praying for increased peace on our planet.